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tv   [untitled]    June 8, 2013 3:30am-4:01am PDT

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that come to the park have to deal with this guy. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm toni young and i reside in
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lower pacific heights. i just want to reiterate what she was just saying about the constant effort that we have put into removing the rvs from our neighborhood. it is not just the one, it is the one that has turned into actually five. because other people that own the oversized vehicles now feel that it is okay to come to our part of the neighborhood and live in these vehicles, it has become the dumping ground of the lower pacific heights and this is really a safety issue at this point in time because one of the persons that occupies this rv is actually a convicted pedophile and the other as sheila just stated is an alleged rapist and so it is just a real safety issue at this point not just for us, but as citizens but also for the
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children that are there. but they are not homeless and something has to be done. this is our continuous effort and it has to stop and you have to do something so we are in favor of this new policy if you could include that to be pierce along sutter and post streets. >> thank you. >> anthony jackson, followed by shandra carol and joe bulluck. >> good afternoon, i would like to say that i agree with the previous two speakers in the sense that i am a resident of the city and i have been in a
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situations of having jobs of management and employ and non-employment. and as such, this whole issue has to do with morals and the jobs of the city is not to pass a moral judgment on people, say for instance, the women that we are concerned with lives in red toyotas would you put a ban on all red toyotas. suppose that they lived in cardboard boxes what is the use of using the money and time of staoet to put a been on a vehicle when the problem seems to be with the morals of the people who live in them. i understand that a bench of people may leave the buses on the street and sell them to people that are not responsible and does not give the city or anyone representing the city the right to tell me the right that i can't live the way that i want to live.
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>> if john stinbeck would have he written travels with carly, no because he would have been towed for having been parked over night. i am serious about this. i am a cook and a musician, and i am a supporter of all things that have to do with making sense which, i propose would be the american way. and my good friend, chris came and gave as best a presentation as he could. and someone that i know works very hard with whatever he is doing and making musician and just going from day-to-day. now, i suppose that it is the criminal activity happens to occur in any given vehicle you should, therefore, and this will set a precedent of passing all kinds of ride sweeping discrimination laws and i appreciate the scope and you would turn a lot of people's situations upside down.
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>> sandra carroll, joe, bullock and tommy gibson. >> my name is sandra carroll and i was not prepared to be here as i going to the therapist i went on-line and i am here. and i think that have you guide afforded some people in some way, how about the area out pasted where lock is or out of the visuals. and i think that it is odd that you have a carmen chu who has all of these real estate interest and all of these laws slipped in here and i think that is odd how all of that is. and that is a weird thing. and to gain these things and have the electricity and have the out houses in areas where there is not issues with other things, you know? we pay taxes we pay our dmv fees and insurance and we have the people giving us parking tickets. and you know what?
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i am trying to be made invisible and i am a entrepreneur and i have a small business license and you know i am a modern archeologist who researches and repair it and resell it. and i'm not able to get ga because i have two vehicles, and one of my vehicles does not... and i pick them up on the street and i do the best that i can to resell them. and actually i have to make a payment on my business license, and i think that you should support the people to hinder them and that would be a great thing to do in this town that would support us in the community and the unity of the community and that is what we are. and we are not trying to, you know that there the people on the 7th street that have all of that stuff and you might write
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tickets to things that are visually irritating, but you know it is like if you worked with it and you give the people a chance they don't need that. >> thank you. >> joe bullock. >> tommy gibson and aaron flinn. >> good afternoon, this is the great comments thank you for your time in hearing this problem. i also own a 24-foot rv that i use for work and transportation in general and i do not live in it however i feel that it is my right to park on the street since it is a registered vehicle. and this seems to be auto racism to me and i think that there needs to be a top to that right away, and the red toyota what is next, 18 feet, bands, motorcycles, i don't know, it just seems like a crazy concept. although i do agree with the problem, there is a lot of people that are living in these rv and that can become an eye sore for the people living in
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their beautiful house eating their staoek dinners making it illegal for the people eating their rice dinners it needs the compassion if you have more compassion there is going to be a bad egg in every spot and a different leg situation and we are talking about the plan throwing his feces out that is nod good. the safety issues and the things like this is not good either. i think that perhaps some of the money should create a rv park where people can live together and this is a problem. we are wark *f parking on the streets and they are an eye sore for the people in the fancy houses, but this is not the solution, to just ban them. how can the people afford to get them out and where do we live? would these people rather have people in shopping carts and sleeping on their door steps or an rv. when will it get real here?
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>> where are you going to get compassion in this world? thank you. >> tomy gibson. >> aaron flinn, and mike beach. >> tommy gibson? >> yeah, my name is tommy gibson and i am from missouri, i left my home and my family and everybody that loves me to come out here to go to the va hospital because i have three terminal illnesses, and this proposal is hindering my treatment, i am a vet and i was spit on and slapped on when i came back and now you want to deny my right to get my healthcare. sell the hospital to the rich and famous and give us another one. i bought a motor home that is all that i got.
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i used to pay, and... afar as the homeless, i know where this is going, if you do that to a vietnam vet and go in and park and you george to drag them out by the hair of the head. you are going to run them out in the back packs and sleeping bags and all, and women women which children and the same thing that are build the bridge over here and don't work and the same thing here and running that muni it will not run. i got to show me something, if i am a problem i want to be part of the solution, i have a name and i have a phone number.
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i have been homeless since 1978 when i got out of the army, i just become able to live in a vehicle since i got all of these illnesses that started to get in a va check wha. are you going to do with our grandchildren and their arms missing and they are already coming home. and they can't afford no more than i can. >> thank you. >> thank you. mike h. and marla t. >> aaron flinn and mike h, marlo, or marco c. >> do you have aaron? do you want to go ahead? >> you do. >> i work in the only work that
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i know how to do is the (inaudible) repair and so my rv every day for me is where i started, is where i cook my food, and it is where i live with my dog. now, i have the newspaper, that say that they want to take all of them and all of the rv and the treasure island and put them on a shelter and now. i don't know if anybody is aware of how life is, because the only thing that i used to use was to take a shower and i am not really going to have on the shelter because they want to make me stand in line after working and go there just to take a 15 minute shower. they say that i have to wait in
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that line. so i come and i buy myself, a 24 hours fitness membership so i can take my shower. and on the top of the, i don't know if the people... i don't know if you are aware of the shelter that i asked you is all twist and bend and two people were knifed to death inside of the shelter, this (inaudible) all of those shelters this is not do a good enough job to help us, so what i ask you to take a look at i will not ask to anything, but i ask you for my rv and so i have energy to work. >> mike beach. aaron flinn here?
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>> no. is mike h? >> bary toronto and cami black stone >> good afternoon, pilot program. >> are you mike h? >> yes. >> pilot program sounds like something that is going to be expanded. okay? and this is not a program that should even be started no less expanded, a little bit about myself, i quit school when i was 14. because i found work, and i have been working in construction for 25 years. and i chose to live in my vehicle because it allowed me to move wherever the work was. which construction is known for it is called feast or phamon. there is a lot of work or no work, and what this will do is leave me financially vulnerable at times to where i can't not pay a parking ticket or a speeding ticket and as a result
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i lost my vehicle, impounded 25 times, okay, no duis 25 times for poverty. and, it was unnecessary. now, i checked out some of the homeless services and what these people are talking about as a matter of fact, i would like to thank you for making me homeless, because i used to read the news paip and her watch the main street media and i had an interpretation of what the homeless people were and i would drove passed and now i am in that soup line, okay? >> and these are some of the finest people, beautiful people and the people running the poverty tents that hire nothing but criminals. to run, and staff these places. fine, but the thugs that run these homeless services to
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squeeze, little nickel and dimes out of our misery. it is no, there is no solution. thank you mr. rich. >> hi, i was not going to speak today, but i am sensed by some of the tactics being done that you expect these people to trust you. okay? they mean well and i think that he has a lot to heart but in reality, it is not carried out properly and you send him to a stabilization room and you are going to have a security guard outside of the rooms to make sure that no one steals their stuff and no one attacks them. and the security and that the precious belongings used the pair of pants or a shirt, and you will go out and get another one. they just can't do that. >> that this is a certain that
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the alternatives are not much better than being able to have the same space as something that is a value to them and i knew that this woo come to them together as the situation and because of the over night restrictions and in the areas that have no housing and very little housing. and so, every month, and another street and another block, where, there would be and no allowed over night housing. and so as people were pushed and pushed and pushed. until finally, you are going to already brought 1,000 signs, how about you went to pay for the light rail and 50 percent on the time rate. it is so, it was so bad about the over night parking. i had to point out to a club own their they wanted to restrict the parking that he could not have any customers late at night at his nightclub tha, is how bad it got. with restricting of the over
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night parking until we finally got a petition out and the traffic engineer had to pull back the request because they did not go out to see the impact of restricting the parking. this is so this is it shows a lot of insensitivity on the part of the people who have not implemented this correctly. >> thank you. >> penny black stone, calvin davis and those are the last two people who have turned in a spoker card. >> good afternoon, formerly from chu's office and i am acquainted with this legislation that the board of supervisors passed months ago and it is before you today are the locations in which these signs would go up. i lived in the sunset district for a long time and there th* is something that they are worried about and i know that it is very important to the people who live in the sunset
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district, it is not a city wide ban it is to be implemented in areas that are seeing a lot of impact like the places of the sunset that have curb with no curb cuts and no meters and street cleaning these are attractive areas for people to store their private vehicles on public streets, this is about parking management. what happens is a couple of people mentioned this, once a rv or a boat or a construction vehicle or a panel truck or a bus parks there a bunch of other ones come and you have a wall and behind that wall of vehicles a lot of unsavory activities and illegal dumping. so in an effort to kind of clean up the neighborhood and open up the parking chu wrote this legislation and working with the mta and this is something that every supervisors that tried to create. and so, again, the board has passed this a long time ago and homelessness is such a serious issue and one that definitely ed